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Pure HTML & CSS Customizable Toggle Switches / Buttons – Quickly and Easily Made with’s Free Customizor

This is a wonderful time saving feature from allows you to quickly create customizable toggle buttons/switches for your web project. You can choose from a selection of pre-styled flip switches (iOS8, Windows 8, etc) or customize your own unique styles with their user friendly GUI.

The interface allows you to customize your CSS options through simple sliders, color pickers and check boxes. It also automatically generates the required HTML and CSS in real-time as you make edits. Simply copy and paste the required code into your project and you’re ready to go. You will have your shiny new toggle button designed, created, and implemented on your project in less than 1 minute flat!

Start saving time and simplify your life today –



SCREEN SHOT BELOW: (I would have iframed this page – but they do not allow iframes) toggle flip switch button screenshot
Screen-shot of’s customizable toggle switches / buttons creator GUI.

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