A Protein-Packed AMP Mobile Project

I’d like to share with you a new website project that I’m working on that combines two passions of mine – fitness & web design. Normally I’d wait until a website is complete before an unveiling, but this type of website is a special case because of it’s reseller aspects – a topic I will explain future article. So without further ado, I introduce to you Protein SuperMart – a supplement eCommerce website. Protein SuperMart delivers an insanely fast shopping experience for online customers by incorporating all of the benefits of AMP into an eCommerce platform.

Because Protein SuperMart is a business created exclusively as an online retail presence, the initial business approach must be super focused. Initial assessments into the supplementation industry revealed that protein based products account for a majority of the industry sales, yet only account for a minority of the total products that saturate the entire industry. This revelation identifies protein based products as a valuable niche that is ripe for the taking, a juicy fact that I will fully explain in my next article.


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